Monday, April 18, 2011


When it comes to family, what is the first thing that comes to mind for you?

In a beautiful way I like to imagine that our inheritance here on earth is our family, God gave them to us for many reasons but one that sticks out for me is to experience relationship that has no bounds :)

For example, I love to think of all of the quirky qualities of my family mostly but what makes us unique is our bond. 

I recently had the opportunity to do a shoot for a beautiful family on the most gorgeous afternoon and wanted to share of few of the moments I captured with them, with you, enjoy! 


  1. I have always been close to my family. My parents were always so open with me and so I always felt safe and comfortable being myself. I remember when i was younger, whenever I got home from a date I would run inside and jump in between my parents, waking them up in bed, and tell them all about my date. Family is so important to me.

    And I love the pics! Gorgeous!

  2. Thats so sweet D! I admire your relationship with your family :) I have great memories of my family just goofing off and I wouldn't trade them (or the memories) for the world.


  3. I love the fourth picture. Her eyes are so striking!