Friday, May 6, 2011


This week while working on my website, I began to explore photography websites to read their about me. I had no idea where to begin with mine and after reading and seeing a hefty amount from the photographers I admire, I still didn't know how to express myself in words. 

Not that I am not good with words, I love writing and I especially love talking haha. 

So I decided to hop on fb and look at the latest news and thats when I saw a blog post from one of the photog's I was mentioning and then it clicked. 

Simple words with no explanations for who or why they are. That's me, no explanation needed. 

So as I put together these words I realized that one of the words I love is created. Like breathe and brisk and intricate, this word is and just means so much when you apply it to your life. 

We are created beings. 

So in honor of my love for the creator I want to share a couple of photos from a trip I took to California last May :)

An afternoon cup of tea at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

Mumm Winery, Napa Vally, Ca