Thursday, June 30, 2011


A great Beethoven piece :)

Bach on the cello, so beautiful!

Thanking the audience for such an overwhelming turnout, it was standing room only!
An interesting piece, not my fav but he is amazingly talented!

and it was so lovely! 

Music is such a powerful thing for the body- even though we hear it, music really affects all of our senses to an extent. Not only can it take you on a journey visually but when eating music can affect the rate in which you eat and it can affect your sense of touch by changing your mood when you allow it to, think art gallery :) 

I am a visual learner and love to meditate on things above while listening to such beautiful melodies. 
I love to engulf myself in a great song, I particularly love worship and a great jazz instrumental both offer such different but beautiful elements. 

Another aspect I love about music is its ability to inspire when working, I love editing to music! 

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