Saturday, June 4, 2011

Initiate- Sarah+Allen: Everyday

Every day is a new opportunity to initiate something in life. I like to initiate with my art while learning to better appreciate the little things in life. I love to learn new things. 

To fully appreciate these photos I first like to add a personal note :) 
I met Sarah through my brother when he and his wife were first dating. I quickly learned of Sarah's amazing talent for doing hair and make-up, not to mention her heart of gold, she is one of the sweetest and most fun people I've ever met. I have had the awesome opportunity of working with her a few times now and I have loved every bit of it. We've discussed putting together her portfolio and I officially consider her a go to vendor for my shoots/weddings when need be :) 

Last year after hosting a wedding shower for my brother and his now wife, where a slide show of my images were shown from their engagements and save the dates, that can be seen here, I was soon after in contact with Sarah as now my sister was getting married and needed to hire a hair and make-up artist. When I contacted her to discuss how she would like to be paid for her time she mentioned that her and her husband never got engagement photos, they had hired a really amazing, but pricey, photographer to shoot their wedding day only and since seeing my work had wanted the opportunity to have their photos done by me. I excitedly accepted the opportunity to do so and am so grateful that I chose to. 

The day of the shoot the weather was so perfect, it was a little breezy and just sunny enough to make you forget that you are in a city known for its crazy whether and humidity. They picked this fabulous location right around the corner from the church they got married at and I could have serious continued to shoot for a couple of hours longer after discovering all the wonderful little places nestled in this location :)

I recently finished a photoshop class and was ecstatic to try out all of the new things I had learned combined with some of my old editing and new found taste that is inspired by discovering so many new amazing blogs. So here are a few of my favorites from their shoot including a few new tricks that were quite successful, enjoy!  

P.s. They tried to warn me that they weren't photogenic, too bad they had no idea how completely untrue that was ;)  

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