Monday, August 15, 2011

Palate & Palette

Often times we hear words in the English language not realizing someone can be referring to two different things with a word that sounds like another. One of them I often come across is palate and palette. The first refers to your taste in food and the second refers to a flat surface that holds and mixes paint. Much like the first definition they both refer to taste in that it is the painters taste which paints mix well and which ones don't. 

I recently moved into a new place and it is so great to be in a place that has all the potential for decorating. This again is a beautiful concept that revolves around taste. On that note I wanted to find something that would bring my room together and I recently decided to re-edit an old photo, the re-edit is below :)

California Poppy, Taken in Napa Valley :) 

With school around the corner I can't be more excited to settle in and get ready for my busy fall schedule and finishing this really brought that extra sense of accomplishment to my week. 

Bringing the food palate back into the mix, food too can be a work of art in that it can become multidimensional and really be at the discretion of the persons palate. To date I have had the opportunity to try quite a few different cuisines I was not exposed to until I entered college. One of the places I visited last year was not only unique in that it was a fusion restaurant but everything about it stated clean, modern, and tasteful. The restaurant based in Dallas is called Lumi its an empanada and dumpling kitchen. If you are ever in the Dallas area I highly suggest you try it. I ordered such a beautiful mix of flavors that day it was definitely art for my palate :) 

Crab and White Asparagus Egg Drop Soup & Spinach, Mushroom, and Mozzarella Empanadas :) 

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